WHY Decorative Polished Plastering London, UK – Colour & Texture Ltd ?

Colour & Texture Ltd offer decorative polished marble plastering for floors, walls and ceilings, all over the UK. Contact us on 0800 999 4119.

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  • Phone: 0800 999 4119 / 07712474265
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High quality marble plastering Kent can completely transform a room, bringing a certain richness and character to the space around it. It offers an alternative to painting, wallpapering and tiling, and it looks truly spectacular anywhere in the home or office. Marble plastering Kent is not only one of the most stylish way to completely renovate a room, coming in a huge range of colours, depths and styles, it’s grease proof and it’s incredibly easy to clean. On top of this, our marble plastering Kent is incredibly versatile, and can used in both residential and commercial properties across the county.


Here at Colour & Texture Ltd. we understand the importance of high quality Venetian plastering Kent. Our all natural Venetian plastering not only highly fashionable and eye-catching, but it brings an air of class and classicism to your property too. Our professional Venetian plastering Kent is produced using only the finest, authentic Venetian plasters too, leaving you with a finish that you can be truly proud of.

Not only is our Venetian plastering Kent produced using a fully sustainable process, it’s fully breathable too, allowing moisture to evaporate before it is locked into the wall. Our high quality decorative plastering Kent, is also fire and impact tested, and is low in VOCs, making them low in toxicity and more resistant to cracking than other plasters. This makes decorative plastering Kent, perfect for busy commercial environments with heavy footfall. If you’re looking for an elegant finish to your new home or commercial property, our natural, bespoke decorative plastering Kent may just be the perfect finish for you.


The polished plastering Kent that you’ll find here at Colour & Texture Ltd. is a long-lasting natural product which requires the most minimal level of upkeep over the years. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary finish with your polished plastering Kent, we’re confident that we can provide the perfect look for you today. Our specialist applicators are highly experienced in providing the bespoke look, colour and finish to match your existing interiors, leaving you with the timeless appeal that only high quality polished plastering Kent can offer.

Here at Colour & Texture Ltd. we’ve been providing high quality plastering products across London and Kent for more than 10 years. We’re confident that we can provide the stunning new look for your home or commercial property that you’ve been dreaming of. If you have any questions about any of our products or services, please feel free to contact us on 0800 999 4119. A member of our team will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have, and help you make an informed decision on your interiors today.