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Black Coloring 2072

£ 15.00 / 250 gm

Concentrated dispersion of pigments in semi-liquid paste to be used in tintometric systems, without binders, solvents and alkyl phenol ethoxylates.

DELIVERY: £ 0.00 / 250 gm

BLACK COLORING 2072 is a concentrated dispersion of pigments in aqueous solution, without binders, alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEO-free) and solvents (no-VOC). This semi-liquid paste, ready to use of pourable and pumpable consistence, used as coloring with tintometric systems, water-based decorative paints of polymer resins. The blend is composed of Black Pigment 11, an inorganic micronized pigment with a high washing and atmosphere resistance, and Pigment Black 7 a channel type pigment, oxidized and post treated to ensure a very high resistance to washing and externals factors, also for the light color shades. For interior and exterior coatings. The use of special wetting factors and polymer dispersions (APEO-free), highly biodegradable, ensures a good versatility with the maximum respect for environment. Its special formulation (VOC-free), without glycol, solvents and aromatic compounds guarantee grant a greater safety for user’s and consumer’s health.

BLACK COLORING 2072 is a product suitable for coloring lime based paint and silicates (interiors and exteriors).
Also used for coloring silossanic water-base pains for externals with high transpiration.